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Fellowship of Christain Athletes

Fellowship of Christian Athletes
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Hi I'm Erin and I looked on here for a community about FCA and God and everything and I didn't find one, so I decided to take the time to make one myself!

For all who don't know, FCA is a club in high school's and college's for Christian's to get together and talk about problems that they may face in every day life and about improving your relationship with Jesus Christ.

Feel free to discuss anything here. Anything from personal problems to getting closer to God and improving your relationship with him.

Ask any questions you may have and I wil try my best to answer them as fully as i can. I'm kind of new to this whole community thing, so bear with me!! Anyone who may want to help me out with this thing, please tell me!

Also, nonbelievers are welcome as well. If you would like to argue a point about something, I'm sure someone else would have something to tell you. Please don't join though if you are here to talk crap on other people or anything like that. If you do, you will be removed immeadiatley from the community.

Once again, I'm going to need as much help as possible maintaining this community, so any help is greatly appreciated. I am going to be very busy this year with work, school, and cheerleading, so I may not be able to get on very much any more. Thanks in advance!

If there's anything else I missed, sorry!